"No" is Okay

November 06, 2019

I was speaking with a dear friend recently, and found that she is dealing with yet another set-back to her business. I know she has big things to accomplish, things she is being led to complete. But nothing can happen if she keeps setting aside her task. And often, it seems to be for the very best of reasons.

My friend and I swear we must be related somewhere down the line because we think and prioritize so similarly (Okay, we even favor each other a bit). I suspect, though, what we have most in common is shared by moms everywhere.

We put ourselves last, and that includes our own dreams and ambitions. We set them down for our spouses, family and friends or jobs. And lightening can't catch us when we race to answer the call of our children be they 2 or 42. We sit back and watch others do the things we want to do, becoming spectators. 

We say "it shouldn't take long, I can do my thing later" or "I'll hold off until things calm down" or worse, "My thing isn't that important". Here is where we must learn the word "no". It isn't a bad word and we shouldn't wait until we are so consumed with helping others, that we can barely breath to utter it. By the time we pick up our thing again, we may have missed the train or we must spend valuable time catching up.

We are often the glue that holds the family together, and that shouldn't sacrificed, but don't miss out on blessings that come from answering His call. Learn that it's ok to say "no."

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