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Snow with a Chance of Wonder

Snow with a Chance of Wonder

February 21, 2020

Maybe a week ago, a stray post in my FB feed showed about a next to nil chance of my area seeing some snow. Not nil, but close enough for a Northern transplant who has seen her share of significant snowfall turn into cold drizzle: Someone, somewhere in the state tosses a cup of ice into the air and it's a weather event. 

Well, days later, over my ritz cracker with peanut butter and jelly lunch with my son (tolerable, considering the ramen craze he's on), I casually mentioned what I had come across regarding the potential for snow. In an INSTANT, everything aspect of my son's body language changed. His eyes sparkled, his cheeks flushed, and his voice squeaked (don't tell him that I told you that). I immediately tried to lower his enthusiasm, I didn't want him to be disappointed. But the more I tried, the more contagious his exuberance. 

Do you ever do that? Curb your enthusiasm for a product you know will make a difference, but you're afraid you'll be disappointed? If you so, you risk cheating yourself out of an experience.

He didn't care about the odds. He didn't care that it might not be. He cared about what COULD be. It was going to snow and it was going to be awesome!

And I believed him!

Little things, small actions, can inspire and bring wonder to the monotony we have come to believe is normal. I almost missed out on a chance to relive some of that giddy excitement from my childhood that comes with anticipation of a snow day!

There is a lot to be excited about! Our handmade soaps and complementary products, made with carefully curated scents and colors create an anticipation that you have missed and reintroduces all the benefits of bathing that give you a calm mind and deserved respite as well as connects you with the stories of our biblical foremothers and their ancient world. Each artisan soap is made not just with care and commitment to quality, but also made with a prayer and a blessing.

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