Custom and personalized orders

If you are looking for a special design, scent, color or a product with or without a particular ingredient, I would love to accommodate you. Please plan ahead, special orders require 6 weeks advance notice. Payment is due in full, at the time of the order.  Cancellations after 48 hours are not accepted.

Care instructions

You can maximize your enjoyment and extend the life of your bar by allowing it to dry thoroughly when not in use, a soap dish with a good drain will do the job. Other body products should be used before 6 months or discarded.

I've ordered this soap before, why does it look different?

Because my products are handmade and in small batches there are bound to be minor variations in design. Additionally, my soaps are labeled according to lowest weight in that batch. So, you may receive soaps a bit heavier than labeled, but not less on delivery. However, even though my soaps are properly cured, moisture continues to evaporate even after products have shipped. For example: a soap that you have stored for 6 months, will weigh slightly less than labeled.

Do you gift wrap?

Gift wrap and packaging is available when my schedule allows. Please contact me to see if this is an option at the time of your order. An additional fee is required.

Do you wholesale?

Both wholesale and private label orders are welcome. Please visit my section for specific terms.

Is there lye in your soap?
No. The saponification process converts all fats, oils, and lye into soap and glycerin.

Do you use animal products?
Often, yes. I only use very high quality leaf lard and tallow from non grain fed organic livestock and my goat milk is organic. My ingredients are always listed and custom requests are accepted.

My soap arrived damaged?
First, sometimes minor irregularities happen in handmade products. But if your soap arrived damaged, please take a quick pic and email to me (adosoaps at gmail.com). I'll work with you to resolve the issue.

Does your soap cure xyz?

I can't answer that. The FDA frowns on stuff like that. But I list ALL ingredients and it has served me well to research & I encourage you to do the same.

What is that white residue on my soap?

Occasionally, handmade soap will develop what is called soda ash a white residue usually limited to the surface area of the soap. It is harmless and the first time you use your soap it will disappear. Just a quirk of non mass produced soap.

I can't smell anything!

Well, several factors are involved including the age of the soap, source is scent (fragrance or essential oil), & storage. 1st, age. As a soap cures (dries), the scent on top tends to fade, the soap develops something like a shell or barrier. But when you wash away that outer most layer you will find your scent intact. 2nd, fragrance or essential oils. Essential oils are volatile oils and quickly disperse in the air, they don't fix into cold process soap easily, creating balanced blends with developed base notes to anchor aroma can help, as does including clay. Fragrance oils are selected for their stable performance in soap. 3rd. Proper storage will help protect your scent, keep all soaps out direct sunlight and extreme temps.

Please feel free to message me if you have additional questions not covered here.