My Story

I’m Ty, a North Carolina-based soap artisan that creates faith-inspired soaps and bath and body products. What began as a cathartic outlet that helped me through a difficult time has bloomed into ADO, short for A Drop of Oil. ADO has become a beautiful way to encourage women in all the seasons of womanhood with an experience that engages all their senses, and hopefully, their hearts. 

picture of me with ocean background

My Christian life revolves around God, my family, and my friends—which are also the greatest inspiration for my soapmaking. Creating soaps and bath and body products  is how I share my joy with others, and it allows me to communicate and connect with women of faith—when I hear that my soap has made your day brighter or made you feel special, my heart swells. All good gifts come from above, and I believe soapmaking is my spiritual calling

God tells me to be a good steward. To honor that, I carefully select the raw ingredients used for my handmade products to ensure they are always of the highest quality, phthalate- and paraben-free, ethically sourced, and community fair trade. Everything is made in batches and the ingredient label contains easy-to-recognize products. I celebrate and combine nature’s best ingredients to make products that allow women to slow down and be still.

Ian showing off a large bag of shea butter

 As a result, soapmaking has introduced me to like-minded ladies of faith all over the country and all around the world—even as far as the French Caribbean and Ireland. ADO has allowed me to get to know people and find where, and how, we connect to God, ourselves, and our families.

When I am not running ADO or creating my small-batch, handmade products, my days are spent as a wife to my beloved husband Paul and mother and homeschool teacher to my 11-year-old son. Just as Paul the Apostle was crucial in spreading the teachings of the gospel, I believe that teaching and education are an honor and a calling and feel privileged to watch my son expand his horizons every day.  

Our two cats, George and Gracie, are also an important part of our family and keep me company while I voraciously view Britbox and classic television, and a stay up into the late hours as a textbook night owl. 

I love connecting with my customers and welcome your comments and questions about process, sourcing, or anything else. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

family photo at restaurant