Women of the Bible 2021| Ruth, Naomi, Rahab

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Ruth: the faithful daughter-in-law. Through my own relationship with my MIL, being care-giver and confidant through her illness, I especially identify with Ruth's refusal to leave her own mother, no matter what. She left all that she knew to go and live among another people. She went beyond duty and into the realm of sacrificial love. Can you relate? Her soap is a soft sweet, young aroma meant to capture the essence of the wheat she gleaned from the fields of her future husband Boaz to feed her and her mother in law, Naomi.

Naomi: She perservered through adversity. Fleeing famine, she ultimately lost both her sons and her husband. But her she did not try to make her heartache someone elses. She blessed both her daughters in laws, praying the best for them in finding new husbands. No matter my pain or trial, I pray that I can always be as graceful toward others. Her soap is beautifully fragranced in an earl grey tea with bergamot notes.

Rahab: is complicated! She doesn't just let things happen to her. She is clever and not afraid of doing what she was right. Her actions saved her family and ultimately brought about Boaz her son, and future husband to Ruth. Thus, redeeming an entire line that eventually lead to the birth of Jesus. Her soap has traces of red as a tribute to the red fabric she used to help lower the Joshua and the spies down the wall and the fragrance is understated, but undeniable sexy and exotic. It works as a nice opposing scent to more delicate ones of the trio.

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